Digital Coast Partnership

Coastal issues are complex, and they cross federal, state, local jurisdictions. There isn’t a single entity that can go at it alone. That’s where the Digital Coast Partnership comes in.

The Digital Coast owes much of its success to these leaders in the coastal management community, whose input ensures the relevance of the initiative. This group of eight non-governmental membership organizations has expertise in a wide range of policy and technical issues. The Digital Coast also provides an effective platform for these groups to work together to address coastal issues.

Special Projects

Digital Coast Connects — This partnership-led effort was developed to locally “connect” partner organizations. The combined memberships of the Digital Coast Partnership number over 100,000. Harnessing this experience and technical expertise for coastal communities can provide incredible returns.

Digital Coast Fellowship — Established in 2012, this unique fellowship provides on-the-job training and cross-organizational networking to postgraduate students, while providing additional capacity to Digital Coast partners. Projects are diverse and offer a wide range of experiences for fellows. Learn more.

Digital Coast Partnership Is Government Done Right!

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