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Where do you need this tool to work?

Choosing more than one region will result in a larger number of returns, and will include tools that may not be useful in all of the selected geographies. If a tool must work for a given geography, only that geography should be selected.
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    What type of application (i.e. topic area) are you seeking to address?

    There isn’t a tool that can do everything, so you may not want to choose too many options. Some helpful tools may not be included in your list if the application you choose is not the tool’s main function. Exploring related topics may therefore introduce you to additional tools.
  • Question 3 of 4

    Do you need something web-based, an app, or are you comfortable with a desktop tool?

    If the tool is a download, the application may require users to provide and preprocess their own data. Select all that apply.
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    How much effort or time are you willing to put into this tool?

    How much time do you have for exploring and using the tool? Tools that require data preparation or have a steeper learning curve are likely to require more time.
  • Finding the Right Tool for the Job.

    Get there by answering a few questions.

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