Ocean Planning

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Multiple wind turbines can be seen over a body of water through the fog. A bench is on a stone wall in the foreground.

When it comes to making decisions about how the ocean is used, there’s a lot to consider. Ocean planning is a growing field that uses science and information to advance local and regional interests and keep the ocean and the economy healthy. Below are helpful resources to use when beginning an ocean-related project.

Obtain Key Data

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    Federal Offshore Cadastral Areas

    Access key data related to important ocean planning topics, including oil and gas leases, renewable energy leases, oil and gas and wind planning areas, sand and gravel lease areas, and other related data.

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    Marine Life Models and Habitat

    View maps characterizing the predicted density, distribution, and abundance of marine animals and living resources.

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    Marine Vessel Traffic

    Download data for ocean traffic analysis, ecological studies, and other offshore location-based research.

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    Economics: National Ocean Watch

    Understand jobs, wages, goods, and services that depend on the six sectors of the ocean economy.

Explore the Data

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    Visualize and analyze ocean neighborhoods, including in-depth information on energy and minerals, natural resources, industry uses, oceanography, and the ocean economy.

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    Access an ocean of information with this “go to” resource for authoritative, national-scale ocean planning data and resources.

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    Environmental Studies Program Information System

    Search Bureau of Ocean Energy Management study information, including study profiles, technical summaries, final reports, and links to publications and digital data.

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    Essential Fish Habitat Mapper

    View habitats that the National Marine Fisheries Service and the regional fishery management councils have identified and described as necessary to fish for spawning, breeding, feeding, or growth to maturity.

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