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Coastal County Snapshots turn complex data into easy-to-understand stories, complete with charts and graphs. Users select a coastal county of interest and the website does the rest, providing information that can help communities become more resilient to coastal hazards.

Local officials can use the snapshots as a planning tool to assess their county’s resilience to flooding and understand the benefits provided by natural resources. The handouts generated by the snapshots can be a helpful educational tool when working with governing bodies and citizen groups.

Coastal County Snapshots turn complex data into easy-to-understand stories, complete with charts and graphs.


  • Assesses a county’s exposure and resilience to flooding
  • Analyzes a county’s dependence on the ocean or Great Lakes for a healthy economy
  • Examines the benefits a county receives from its wetlands
  • Compares counties to each other for regional analysis
  • Allows users to download a PDF report for the snapshot of their choice

Current topics include:

  • Flood exposure
  • Wetland benefits
  • Ocean and Great Lakes jobs

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Stories from the Field

Providing Climate Education Aids for a Changing Chesapeake Bay
Teachers used Digital Coast resources to educate local students on climate change.

Planning for Resilient Coastal Communities in New York
The Coastal Inundation Mapping training, Roadmap for Adapting to Coastal Risk approach, and other NOAA resources aided New York partners in mapping and assessing Post-Tropical Cyclone Sandy impacts and planning for long-term recovery and resilience.

Bringing Data and Tools to the Restoration Community at a National Conference
Partners unite to put the right Digital Coast data, tools, and training into the hands of communities working to restore vital estuary habitat.

Building Resilient Communities Using a Beachfront Vulnerability Index in South Carolina
The Beachfront Vulnerability Index helps communities become more resilient to storm surge and erosion.

Communicating the Importance of Regional Marsh Systems in the Northeast
A custom Wetland Benefits Snapshot and sea level rise maps were used to educate residents of several counties in Maine, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire.

Examining Flood Exposure Data along the Mississippi and Louisiana Coasts
The Coastal County Flood Exposure Snapshot is helping service organizations develop hazard preparation and recovery plans to assist vulnerable communities.

Illustrating the Importance of Critical Infrastructure Data for Louisiana Coastal Parishes
The Coastal County Flood Exposure Snapshot illustrates the importance of updating critical infrastructure maps for coastal parishes in Louisiana.

Planning for Coastal Hazards in Florida
Emergency managers have easy access to charts and graphs that assess a county’s exposure to flooding, dependence on the ocean, and wetland benefits.