Tree Equity Score

American Forests

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This tool measures how well the critical benefits of urban tree canopy are reaching those who need them most. Each score indicates whether there are enough trees in a neighborhood for everyone to experience the health, economic, and climate benefits that trees provide. Scores are based on tree canopy, surface temperature, income, employment, race, age, language, and health factors. These scores guide investment in communities living on low incomes, communities of color, and all those disproportionately affected by extreme heat, pollution, and other environmental hazards.


  • Search or browse the national map of nearly 200,000 tree equity scores
  • Compare neighborhood information by customizing dynamic reports for any locality, county, congressional district, or state
  • Set targets and calculate tree planting needs and the potential benefit to health, economy, and environment
  • Take a deeper dive for five pre-selected geographies to learn more about decision-making for urban tree plantings