Understanding Map Projections, Datums, and Coordinate Systems


This self-paced, online training teaches the fundamental concepts of map projections, datums, and coordinate systems and demonstrates how to use them using ESRI’s ArcGIS. The course format includes detailed information on how these concepts are applied to different regions of the Pacific Islands.

You will learn how to

  • Define and understand datums, coordinate systems, and projections
  • Differentiate between horizontal datums
  • Identify accurate datums and coordinate systems for the Pacific region
  • Compare projections based on retained map properties
  • Assign suitable projections for specific applications
  • Recall techniques used in ArcMap to select, display, and revise map projections

Participant Requirements

  • Internet connection
  • Flash plug-in (download)

Evaluate Map Projections, Datums, and Coordinate Systems

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