Estimating the Local Marine Economy Tutorial: Using Zip Code Business Patterns


Many jobs in coastal communities depend on marine industries and resources. These economic activities can be difficult to categorize and describe. This web tutorial will walk the user through the process of downloading and organizing local data that will help them estimate their local marine economy.

You will learn how to

  • Download zip code business pattern data using the Census Bureau’s American Factfinder tool (website) for a specified coastal geography of your choosing
  • Organize data to prepare it for use in analysis
  • Subtotal by total economy, ocean economy, sector, and industry classifications

Participant Requirements

  • While this tutorial can stand alone, it is also Part 1 of a two-part training. Part 2 is a full-day in-person workshop with an optional second day for additional technical assistance.
  • Computer with internet access and Microsoft Excel
  • Familiarity with Excel commands (such as Filter and Subtotal) and functions (such as Concatenate)
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