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This three-hour, instructor-led training introduces participants to the technical aspects of OpenNSPECT, a GIS-based tool that examines land cover to estimate runoff, nonpoint source pollution, and erosion. Hands-on exercises serve to demonstrate various functions of the tool. The target audience includes GIS professionals working on land use and watershed management projects, including regional and municipal planners, natural resource managers, and others who desire to apply GIS technology to better understand the relationships between land use and water quality. Learn about OpenNSPECT through a virtual Web-based training, as well as on site at the NOAA Office for Coastal Management (Charleston, South Carolina) and other venues on occasion.

What You Will Learn

After completing this course, participants will be able to

  • Describe OpenNSPECT’s functionality
  • Understand OpenNSPECT’s data requirements
  • Use the OpenNSPECT plugin
  • Explore the impacts of different land use and land management scenarios
  • Interpret the outputs from the tool

Participant Requirements

  • Competence in GIS
  • MapWindow GIS (Local administrator permissions are needed to install)
  • Phone
  • Web browser that supports use of Adobe Flash
  • Training software and user instructions, which will be provided by this office. A mandatory setup meeting will be held in advance of the workshop to install the tool on your computer.

Contact Information

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