Planning and Facilitating Collaborative Meetings

Course Description

Collaboration is one of the best ways to address coastal resource management issues, but the collaborative process is complicated, requiring a systematic approach. This course provides tools and processes to design and implement collaborative approaches. Class time is provided to practice the use of these tools and enhance facilitation and collaboration skills. Participants will learn to plan and facilitate a meeting (or a series of meetings) that enhance problem-solving and minimize conflict.

Participants at every level are welcome, since the new skills will be useful even when attending, but not running, a meeting.

You will learn how to

  • Determine if a collaborative process is appropriate
  • Select people with the skill sets needed to fill each meeting role
  • Use appropriate process tools and techniques to address meeting objectives
  • Enhance facilitation skills with practice using simple tools
  • Manage conflict in meetings through a greater understanding of group dynamics
  • Identify disruptive behaviors in group processes and practice strategies to deal with them

Additional Information

Dealing with Disruptive Behaviors

Training Manual

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