Teacher Training Workshops


A Teachers on the Estuary (TOTE) workshop is a research and field-based training program held at various research reserve sites. TOTE workshops offer a minimum of 15 contact hours, giving teachers the opportunity to:

  • Explore coastal habitats and conduct field investigations;
  • Interact with local scientists and experienced coastal educators;
  • Integrate local and national monitoring data into the classroom; and
  • Learn hands-on field activities highlighting our various Estuary Education Resources

For More Information: Download the TOTE Information Sheet - PDF. View sample Teacher Certificate for workshop completion.

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To learn more about the Teachers on the Estuary (TOTE) workshops, watch the National and Chesapeake Bay Virginia reserve videos.

Teachers on the Estuary Testimonials: Be Inspired

Find out what teachers who have participated in the Teachers on the Estuary training loved about the program and what some plan to do with their newfound knowledge to improve their local watersheds and estuaries.

“This was probably the best workshop I have attended in terms of time, focus, peer instruction, and professional expertise.”

“I have loved this workshop – it has reignited my passion to teach marine science!”

“Enjoyed myself thoroughly! Great experience I will share with teachers, pre-service teachers and other professors.”

“This was an incredible workshop–I never would have thought “professional development” would be so truly enjoyable. I learned so much that I know I can apply easily in my classroom, and learned from my fellow participants as well!”

“The simplicity, applicability, and adaptability of demos and lessons for the classroom were really great. It made these ideas feel within reach no matter where you teach or what resources are available.”

“It was a great opportunity to get more ideas for my science classes while spending time in nature!”

“I left this workshop feeling inspired and grateful!”

“I love being able to use the local environment to teach standards in my chemistry class.”

“One lesson I'm going to take away is the impact of microplastics on the environment, especially for marine animals. I had not heard about microplastics until this workshop. It makes me want to get more people aware of the issue.”

“This was one of the best workshops that I have ever been to. It was virtual but the instructors were on point and understood how to connect to us. They presented tested and doable activities for my classroom.”

“This was my second TOTE workshop and both have been the best PD workshops that I have ever taken part in! The labs are useful and practical - I can actually use them in the classroom and will use them. I have incorporated past labs into my class curriculum and I will use the lessons that I learned from this TOTE session also! The teachers are knowledgeable and clear in their presentations and the guest speakers were also very knowledgeable. It was very organized and full of information and lessons - so very beneficial for me as a teacher!! Thank you for providing this quality learning opportunity for teachers, the lesson plans and supplies! I love it!”

“The workshop was so well organized and delivered with enthusiasm! It was a meaningful experience - relevant and engaging!”