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Funding Data and Information

Data and Information

The Data and Information category provides funding links to Web sites focusing on collecting, analyzing, and disseminating data, metadata, and spatial data. These links are organized in three groups:

Additional NOAA Related Funding

  • The NERRS Science Collaborative is a competitive grant program by which most of the NOAA-funded research undertaken at the nation’s research reserves is accomplished. An average of $3 million is awarded each year. All projects contribute to the national effort to make the coast more resilient to natural and man-made changes. A unique aspect is community involvement, where state agency professionals and local people who need the science help design and carry out each project. An added benefit is obtained through the interconnectivity of the reserve system, since project results from one reserve are more easily transferred and benefit all. The Science Collaborative is jointly administered by NOAA and the University of Michigan.

Other Federal Agency Funding

  • The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) National Environmental Information Exchange Network Grant Program is a program designed to encourage state and other partners' data-integration efforts. Funding will be provided through grants to states, the District of Columbia, trust territories, and federally recognized Indian tribes for capacity-building capabilities.
  • The United States Geological Survey (USGS) Web site maintains current opportunities for Grants Information in the area of hazards, data and information, and more. Check out USGS, grants and federal assistance, to find information on the forms required and guidelines for submitting unsolicited proposals.

Nonprofit Funding

  • The Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) Conservation Program offers sources of technical and other assistance to create and develop spatial analysis, computer mapping, and geographic information systems (GIS) capabilities among nonprofit organizations and individual projects of all sizes and types worldwide.
  • The Foundation Center is an independent, nonprofit clearinghouse that disseminates information on foundations, corporate giving, and related subjects. This Web site provides a Request for Proposals Bulletin, which is a searchable list highlighting proposal requests by topic that is updated weekly.