Living classrooms used to educate and encourage future community leaders

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Education Overview Teachers on the Estuary Estuary Education Data in the Classroom

Education Overview

Each reserve is a living outdoor classroom that advances estuary and data literacy and provides meaningful, hands-on educational experiences for adults, children, and teachers.

The opportunities are as varied as the locations and include topics such as climate change and building backyard habitats. Educational experiences provide an exciting entryway for people to become actively involved in coastal conservation.

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Educators come to the reserves to get involved in field research, an experience that brings science to life and shows them how to access reserve data for use in the classroom. Contact your local reserve to learn about the TOTE (Teachers on the Estuary) program.

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Courses and workshops give citizens and community leaders the scientific and practical knowledge they need to raise awareness of estuary importance and inspire sustainable behaviors.

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Students are also encouraged to visit the research reserves, participate in hands-on field experiences, and enjoy the estuary. To make it easier to bring reserve data and estuary science into the classroom, the reserves created the Estuary Education website for students and teachers.

For additional information about training opportunities, contact us or your local research reserve.