Coastal Zone Management Act 101

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Coastal Zone Management Act 101 is a collection of introductory modules to help new and inexperienced coastal management program staff members understand how coastal programs work, including tasks and basic responsibilities. These interactive modules provide examples, explanations of terms and concepts, and information on how the Coastal Zone Management Act (CZMA) supports coastal management program work.

This collection features the following interactive modules:

  • CZMA Overview

    If you are new to working with the CZMA, this is a great place to start! Learn how the CZMA connects to and supports the daily work of a state coastal management program. See Additional Information below for related resources.

  • Funding and Cooperative Agreements

    Learn about types of CZMA funding and navigating the cooperative agreement process. Includes examples of funded activities.

  • Permitting in the Coastal Zone

    Learn about basic permitting concepts, permit application review, and the ways in which the CZMA relates to the permitting process.
  • Understanding Enforceable Policies (Update coming)

    Learn how to review enforceable policies to ensure that NOAA could approve a new or modified policy as an enforceable policy of the state’s or territory’s coastal zone management program.

  • Federal Consistency (Update coming)

    Learn how federal consistency empowers states and encourages coordination and collaboration between federal and state agencies.

Continuing Education Credits

This course offers one hour of continuing education credit for the American Institute of Certified Planners.

Additional Information

Explore the following resources from the CZMA Overview module.