Fostering Behavior Change for Coastal Management: An Introduction to Community-Based Social Marketing


Learn a basic but effective approach, grounded in social science, that has been used in coastal management projects to influence the way people interact with their environment. This five-step approach and a set of tools (commitment, prompts, norms, communication, and incentives) are used to elicit behavior change and reduce environmental problems.

The course is designed for anyone working on projects that seek to change the way people interact with the coast.

You Will Learn How To

  • Identify the steps involved in a community-based social marketing project
  • Practice applying the initial steps
  • Recognize the tools used to foster behavior change
  • Describe examples that illustrate how community-based social marketing has been successfully applied to coastal management issues

Participant Requirements

  • Phone
  • Internet connection

This course can be requested for online delivery to a specific project team or community group. Please email if you’d like to host this course for your group.

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