About PRiMO

The Pacific Islands face many natural and man-made challenges. Only by bringing people and organizations together, and channeling their efforts toward common goals, can communities can become more resilient. PRiMO, the Pacific Risk Management ‘Ohana, is the platform for this effort.

More than 100 organizations participate in this ongoing effort. Membership is purposely varied and includes emergency response organizations, nonprofits, government agencies, universities, local planning institutions, and the medical and private sectors. The knowledge provided by this varied membership and the ability to approach issues from many different angles are what make PRiMO so powerful.

PRiMO members participate in hui, or working groups. These working groups represent the heart of the PRiMO effort, where the various organizations come together to develop and implement action plans that improve resilience in the Pacific region. Hui members are experts in their field, and together the members bridge the information gaps between science and service providers, decision makers, and other stakeholders.

PRiMO began in 2003 as an effort to explore opportunities to enhance communication and collaboration among the ‘ohana, or family, of local, national, and regional organizations involved in risk management. PRiMO has since transformed into a true collaborative effort governed by a coordinating council of navigators. These key representatives from the region provide leadership, resources, and policy guidance to PRiMO as well as seek institutional support for PRiMO from within their respective organizations.

About the Conference

A highlight of the PRiMO effort is the annual conference where hundreds of participants gather to discuss ongoing initiatives, learn from each other, and make the connections and action plans that ultimately result in improved safety and sustainability for Pacific Island communities.

I love coming to PRiMO because it is a wonderful venue for bringing together leaders in government, academia and private industry.

- Chris Conger, PRiMO Attendee

PRiMO session in progress


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