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Federal Consistency and Program Change Policy Decisions and Guidance

This page provides policy and guidance documents and statements issued by the Office for Coastal Management related to federal consistency and program changes. Some of the documents are memoranda or letters and links to statements issued by the Office in response to questions and issues.

Addendum to July 1996 Program Change Guidance (November 2013)

Program Change Guidance: Coastal Zone Management Act and Changes to State and Territory Coastal Management Programs (July 1996)

Routine Program Change Example: Maryland Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Coastal Bays Critical Areas ( October 2003)

This document is a good example of a state's routine program change (RPC) submission in both substance and organization. The Office encourages states to follow the Maryland example, in conjunction with program change regulations and Program Change Guidance (July 1996), when submitting program changes. States' routine program change analyses are often not sufficient due to conclusory statements regarding the scope of the program change and whether the change is substantial or routine. The Maryland routine program change is particularly helpful at explaining how the state's coastal management program will be modified and why the changes are not substantial. Maryland's program change was developed through a contract between the state and the Environmental Law Institute. (Posted February 2005.)

State Beneficial Use Policies for Dredging Projects that Would Require the Project Proponent to Obtain Alternative Sources of Material (December 18, 2003)

Incorporating Coastal Nonpoint Pollution Control Programs in State Coastal Management Programs (September 10, 2003)

Coastal and Estuarine Land Conservation Program (CELCP) Grants and Federal Consistency

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