Working with Lidar


Based on the workflow presented in Introduction to Lidar, this suite of modules helps you complete the first four steps in the process of working with lidar data. Whether deciding if lidar is the right technology, locating and assessing data, or contracting these services, these modules make the most of the time you have by offering grab-n-go quick references, as well as progressively detailed information, examples, expert tips, and tutorials.

You will learn how to

  • Define and Decide – Use a checklist to define the issue and a decision tree to decide if lidar is right for your project
Lidar digital elevation model of Brigantine, New Jersey. Select to begin the Define and Decide module.

  • Identify Data Products – Determine which lidar data products you’ll need based on your circumstances so you can correctly assess existing data or acquire new data
Lidar digital elevation model of Gloucester Harbor, Massachusetts. Available Winter 2020.

  • Evaluate Existing Data – Learn where to look for existing data and how to assess the adequacy of the data for your needs
Lidar digital elevation model of Diamond Head, Hawaii. Available Spring 2021.

  • Acquire Data – Gain critical insights into contracting lidar data or conducting an in-house survey
Lidar digital elevation model of stamp sands on the coastline of Michigan. Available Winter 2021.
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