Adapting Stormwater Management for Coastal Floods

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Developed for stormwater and floodplain managers, as well as land use planners, this interactive website incorporates tools and methods to derive critical coastal water-level thresholds, as well as assess the potential impacts of exceeding those thresholds on stormwater infrastructure. Managers can take various actions to address the issue, and this guide introduces planning, policy, on-the-ground, and funding options.

This Guide Features

  • Quick Flood Assessment Tool. Provides information on how sea level rise will impact a user-defined coastal flood threshold, the number of high-tide flooding days, and how often significant flood events may occur in the future.
  • My Report. Users can document what they learn as they navigate through the site and capture this information, along with the output of the Quick Flood Assessment Tool, in an integrated “My Report” function to share with others.