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Adapting Stormwater Management for Coastal Floods

Communities can use this website to determine how the flooding of today and tomorrow can affect their stormwater systems, and generate reports that can be used to:

  • Display local information about the current and future flooding impacts
  • Inform planning efforts
Critical Elevations
  1. Learn more about coastal flooding and sea level rise.
  2. Calculate current and future coastal flood frequency and impacts.
  3. Determine if, when, and how your stormwater system will be impacted.
  4. Learn different ways to mitigate flooding issues.

Examine the Impacts of Coastal Flooding

This section provides background information to help you understand the impacts of flooding and its implications for different roles. You may even want to share parts of this section with stakeholders.

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Perform a Quick Flood Assessment

All you need are three pieces of information, and this tool will calculate fundamental information about the current and flooding impacts, along with prompts to communicate the big picture using easy-to-understand phrases.

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Determine Stormwater Impacts

Here you can design a few scenarios for a part of your stormwater system and follow the steps to help paint the big picture for different combinations of coastal flooding (for example, 25-yr sea level rise estimate + highest astronomical high tide + seasonal variations). You can also check out examples to see how the methodology has worked in other cities.

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Discover the Actions You Can Take

Computing thresholds and impacts is the easy part, finding solutions and funding is not quite as straightforward. This section provides guidance on policy and on the ground actions and outlines some innovative funding approaches.

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