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The Quick Flood Assessment Tool is designed for use on desktop computers and tablets in landscape mode.

Assess Flood Risks

The Quick Flood Assessment Tool automates what used to be a time-consuming task—calculating current and future coastal flood frequency and impacts at user-defined thresholds.

You will need to specify three inputs as you go through the tool. Guidance will be provided.

  1. The closest NOAA tide gauge (selected via map)
  2. A coastal flood threshold
  3. Tolerable number of days of high tide flooding

The tool provides information on

  • A user-defined coastal flood threshold
  • Changing water-level return periods
  • Sea level rise effects on the user’s threshold
  • The number of high-tide flooding days and how it might change in the future
  • How often significant flood events might occur in the future

The resulting outputs will be useful for decision-making, sharing your message with others, and working through the Detailed Impact Analysis methodology of this website.

Map Legend

  • Location pin Area of Interest

  • Tide gauge Location Marker

  • Map legend depth
  • Map legend high tide flooding
  • Map legend green Low-lying Areas