Coastal Community Planning and Development Workshop

The CCPD training has two components: this online portion and a one day in-person workshop. For the online portion, participants complete the activities below. The in-person workshop builds off the online component and provides information on tools that can be used in your community to implement alternative growth approaches. Complete the following activities, including the worksheet.

1 Print

Download the Worksheet

  • Download and print the worksheet
  • Questions correspond with online materials
  • Bring completed worksheet to the workshop!

2 Watch

The History of Development

  • Defines conventional and alternative development
  • Describes the drivers for conventional development
  • Outlines alternative development benefits
  • Introduces the 10 smart growth elements
  • Please answer the questions on your worksheet

3 Explore

EPA Case Studies

Choose and watch one video from the choices below

Record your reactions to the project and any implications for your community on your worksheet

4 Watch

Tools for Influencing Growth

  • Outlines the decision-making process for community planning
  • Introduces three critical tools for community planning
  • Please answer the questions on your worksheet
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