C-CAP Regional Land Cover

NOAA Office for Coastal Management

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Nationally standardized, raster-based inventories of land cover for the coastal areas of the U.S. Data are derived, through the Coastal Change Analysis Program, from the analysis of multiple dates of remotely sensed imagery. Two file types are available: individual dates that supply a wall-to-wall map, and change files that compare one date to another.

The use of standardized data and procedures assures consistency through time and across geographies. C-CAP data forms the coastal expression of the National Land Cover Database (NLCD) and the A-16 land cover theme of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure. The data are updated every 5 years.

Looking for more detailed mapping?

Now available: High resolution (1-meter) land cover data for the coastal U.S.

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  • Land Cover Atlas — Online viewer makes it easier to explore land cover change data.

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