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Covers the technical aspects of OpenNSPECT, a GIS-based tool used to examine land cover and estimate runoff, nonpoint source pollution, and erosion (3-hour webinar)


Provides a basic introduction to this easy-to-use visualization software that is often used in project planning, policy making, and communication efforts

Introduction to Lidar

Introduces basic concepts of lidar and demonstrates how high-accuracy lidar-derived elevation data are used to support natural resource and emergency management in the coastal zone

Marshes on the Move

Provides a basic understanding of parameters, uncertainties, and appropriate uses of model results depicting potential future impacts of sea level rise on coastal wetlands and communities

Risk Communication Basics

Outlines how stakeholders respond to risk, why those responses occur, and how community leaders can inspire risk-wise behavior through improved communication

Ocean Dimensions

Describes the complexity of ocean use planning and how helps officials evaluate sites for their offshore projects (1-minute video)

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